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How it begun

You know a lot About us now. It´s not a secret but it´s a one of our kennel pillars.

But how all this happened?
Why is 19yrs old girl right before school leaving exams going to get a CSW puppy and start her own kennel afterwards… that´s a nice little mystery, isn't it.

 Actually it's not a very long story. More like just a little window into breeders soul.

Just a short text, designed to let you discover if you are really willing to cooperate and communicate with a someone like me for possibly even 15 years.
Some info about me and my beginnings with my first own CSW is here, Newbies and CSW

 Those interested in CSWs are often asking how I got to them and why do I own them.

Interesting questions indeed.

I met my first CSW when I was celebrating my 19th birthday in one little pub
And first dog I got to know closer was Bart z Věrné smečky.

His owner took me with both of them to a lot of CSW actions. And I met a real wolf there, beautiful 4 months old Besinka.
And there I went. I fell completely in love with CSWs, they became my life. I even gave up my interest in horses and horse riding. I spent every free weekend  with CSWs and their owners. We went to ZOO, we made a lot of trips. I was allowed to watch over them, take them to walks. My life was enriched by a wonderful pack - Akeenah, Grída, Darlina, Mašulka, Shargoo, Voodoo and many many more.


I visited, spectated and photographed a lot of dog shows, dog bonitations and youth presentations.
After one and half year being the tether girl for all my friend's CSWs it somehow happened to me going to visit "A" litter of Arqeva kennel and here i met Arya.
Both her parents were perfect examples of the breed, her father really got me with his beautiful male head and light-coloured eyes.


And here I was, suddenly in love. I knew she is The One. She was barely 4 weeks old and I immediately put down a deposit on her, so nobody would take her from me.


In her 6 weeks she really became my only One :) My love and my friend.
I experienced a lot with Arya.
We've been on socialisation trips. Into city centre, onto airfield. Using public transport and cars.
We've been visiting training grounds. And we've been training together.

 http://img19.rajce.idnes.cz/d1902/3/3615/3615205_7b9fb945de5b925ee3d57f7968f33fe1/images/IMG_2587.JPG?ver=0 http://img9.rajce.idnes.cz/d0903/3/3615/3615868_b1b4523a23451b9fc5bba6fcfc8cdf67/images/DSC_3236.jpg?ver=0 http://img17.rajce.idnes.cz/d1703/3/3615/3615833_6c464c8a45ce230f98e4070573e8c615/images/DSC_8095.jpg?ver=0 http://img17.rajce.idnes.cz/d1703/3/3615/3615833_6c464c8a45ce230f98e4070573e8c615/images/DSC_8146.jpg?ver=0

She was well taught about pack behaviour starting from young age and we took a lot of walks together with other CSWs. She was kind of a dog racist. I was pretty much OK with that. The dog just had to have a grey fur.

           http://img4.rajce.idnes.cz/d0410/3/3615/3615929_10ac83085ee00c580735983ae522baed/images/IMG_9949.JPG?ver=0 http://img19.rajce.idnes.cz/d1902/3/3615/3615685_3dd3d9291f9687ec375ff9527ecb0a15/images/IMG_7272.JPG?ver=0 http://img7.rajce.idnes.cz/d0701/5/5456/5456961_8a25f40b84e9dde5d6b31ca2e279d08d/images/IMGP8456.jpg?ver=0

Her best friend was a she-wolf (canis lupus) Beska and she loved to run free with her through fields.


We did a lot of crazy things together. We even tried the mushing. Well it ended with us lying in snow and dying from laugh and our dogs sitting close by and thinking something about wackos.
I finally could go to mass trips with my own CSW. Not only in Czech republic, we even regularly visited Poland.
http://img19.rajce.idnes.cz/d1902/3/3614/3614941_dfcdd367cd2abe4cfa3de486211942a8/images/IMG_3445.JPG?ver=0 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/3/3615/3615880_7d6417e6ce0382e2ad806b60db4a9965/images/IMG_1405.jpg?ver=0 http://img21.rajce.idnes.cz/d2102/3/3877/3877539_658e579f2722578fb1f8beeecc30758d/images/DSC3296.jpg?ver=0
The periodical CSW Prague meeting started to happen and they still do.
She met her parents again and again, we visited ZOO a lot.

           http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1601/3/3615/3615659_278dca0e11e8594f19c59ebe4289d763/images/IMG_6822.JPG?ver=0 http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1601/3/3614/3614682_b7be341495eb8fe2b98c3d4ba3a9314a/images/IMG_3153.JPG?ver=0 http://img8.rajce.idnes.cz/d0801/5/5983/5983936_cc928e1f458611510945dceb50d860f3/images/DSC04960.jpg?ver=0

Even the dog shows we tried. Always excellent, of course.


We took our CSWs together with us to historical reenactments

                                                http://img21.rajce.idnes.cz/d2102/4/4759/4759439_c93220655478764414fe041e1e7630df/images/224631_1726413884529_1363872330_31673788_7863633_n.jpg?ver=0 http://img21.rajce.idnes.cz/d2102/4/4759/4759439_c93220655478764414fe041e1e7630df/images/IMG_0086.jpg?ver=0

And we spend our free time with other animals.


In 19 months of age Arya went through her bonitations. And because she already had her X-ray results at the ready, she officially became my first breeding bitch.

One last thing was missing. Kennel name. I wanted a czech name, characterising the breed.
So now I had the "s Divokou krví" kennel and breeding bitch.
And from there it was just a short leap for a idea to have puppies.
I never ever experienced something so beautiful. I held this little baby in my hands, small, young, defenceless and completely dependant on the mother and me.
I enjoy rearing of the puppies and i like the further work with their owners. It is pretty much possible for me to not be the best breeder all around. But I am doing this with all my love.

                                                         https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ogXOXeIJJPs/UH_A6I3ZiTI/AAAAAAAAAAo/QAP5djwofaMec2LDAxeCX0zGm246IG7xgCCo/s1600/000001.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-grMBrcebvJM/UH_BD_kWdHI/AAAAAAAAABI/eYf4wI5Et3IgFROQPNGNOd1FtaEbrr-vQCCo/s1600/DSC_0053.JPG

And today we still enjoy all those activities mentioned. Because CSWs are our guides, best friends and partners. And years can't change anything. Actually, I don't even know if we own CSWs or the CSWs own us anymore.



People are asking why CSWs? Why the breed with the reputation of rascals and wild nuclear beasts from horror movies.
So why?

Because I don't know any other breed to be so versatile. To be able to take part in any activity we can imagine. And to allow its owner to completely embarrass himself in front of other people but yet enjoy every second doing so.

Because with CSW you do really enjoy every single little step forward, every single little success.

Every Sit! and Come! Obeyed brings a joy.

They can upset their owner but every single day the will show him how much do they love him. When you are angry, sad, depressed… they are here, you are in all this together.
You will never be alone. Because they are part of you, even going so far to play a sudden death theatrical scene so you won't leave them alone.   

Your life will never be boring. And your mind will never fade away


Maybe there are not many pros listed. Or even cons. But that's mentioned somewhere else here for sure