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Banshee Queen s Divokou krví

From Irish and Scottish folklore, the bean-sidhe (literally, "woman of the fairyfolk") is the spirit of a woman who acts as a messenger of death.
She appears outside of the houses of the five oldest Gaelic families (O'Connor, O'Grady, O'Neill, O'Brian, Kavanagh), sobbing and crying through the night towarn the family that death is near for one of them. The wailing of many banshees signifies that death is near for someone of great importance.
The bean-nighe ("washerwoman"), her Scottish counterpart, can be seen by a lake or river, washing the bloodstained clothes of the one who will soon die.
owner: Dohnalová Tereza - ch.st s Divokou krví
číslo zápisu: CMKU/CSV/3686/13/15
číslo čipu:

youth presentation: A62 Og P1
Bonitation: As E1 Oh P1/63 Xv 55,6 Xf 106,3
DM: N/N   Dwarf: N/N
DNA profil: Ano
PRA - prcd : N/?
DKK: HD (0/0)     ED: 0-0
Fotogaleri zde