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Czechoslovakian wolfdog - frequent questions

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs often raise astonishment and many questions. That is why I would like to create an article, in which you can find answers to the most frequent questions. We will try to put together as many of them as we can and I hope they will complement our other information articles and help people to find out more about Czechoslovakian wolfdog.

Is it a wolf, husky,fox etc.?

No, Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a Czech and Slovak national breed History: In 1955, a biological experiment took place in the former CSSR - a crossbreeding of a German shepard and Carpathian wolf. The experiment confirmed that it is possibleto rear offspring from a male dog/female wolf as well as from a male wolf/female dog. Most crossbreeds were genetically preconditioned for further breeding. In 1965, when the experiments were finished, a project for creation of a new dog breed, which would connect wolf´s useful qualities with suitable traits of a dog. Czechoslovakian wolfdog was accepted as a national breed by the then CSR Federal Committee of Breeders Union in 1982.

How many % of wolf blood do they have?

It is necessary to note here that there is a difference between % of wolf blood from mathematical or genetical point of view. Each Czechoslovakian wolfdog has between 27-30% of wolf blood from a purely mathematical point of view. It is an interesting fact that actually does not say much. Czechoslovakian wolfdog does not have anything in common with wolf genetically any more. According to gene analysis they are neither German shepards (which was used more) nor wolf which you can find in genealogy in the form of 4 names ( Lejdy, Brita, Šarik, Argo) So Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a dog, maybe closer to wolf than other breeds but they are no wild uncontrollable beasts. The closest I know of is a wolf in the 7th generation ( in our pack it is for example Ebi) but mostly it is already the 8th or 9th generation. Yes, Czechoslovakian wolfdog has some wolf faculties or similar features (physical appearance, eye colour, similar skeleton - you can see more photos of Czechoslovakian wolfdog in photo gallery) sometimes they also behave as wolves, at least for laymen. However, Czechoslovakian wolfdog is very different from wolf. - Link to genetical analysis of Czechoslovakian wolfdog vs.wolf vs. German shepherd - here
         German shepherd and Czechoslovakian wolfdog    Wolf and Czechoslovakian wolfdog
http://img17.rajce.idnes.cz/d1703/11/11131/11131688_b4ff5c4f2ecf15ffb6b9838a113d51e7/images/DSC_0104.jpg?ver=2 http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1602/3/3057/3057996_fa3fb8cbf17b23283d3d70220c3fedab/images/IMG_5319.jpg?ver=0

Did Czechoslovakian wolfdog eat Little Red Riding Hood?

That is a very frequent question - if those wolves of ours ate Little Red Riding Hood. 
Well, I must disappoint everyone, they didn´t.
It is only a fairy tale to scare small children.
       http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/4539_1103027908142_2039089_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/941603_10200366756323740_1142298446_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img13.rajce.idnes.cz/d1303/11/11944/11944913_09c98157b1ab10cb2504ec5c2881b747/images/12032059_446688272200116_2715988136002265705_n.jpg?ver=2

Is Czechoslovakian wolfdog aggressive?

Aggression to people: when raised properly, Czechoslovakian wolfdog is not aggressive, they just use a wide range of expressive means at people as well as dogs - these may be mistaken for aggressivity - i.e. hair bristling, lip turning and tooth exposing, growling. These are their natural expressive means, which are just more obvious than with for example labradors or schnauzers Aggression to dogs: Female as well as male dogs of this breed are concerned with dominance within their own breed. More here Puppy of a Czechoslovakian wolfdog and living with him/her
http://dl.wolfdog.org/g/10/104661.jpg http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/1507712_10203826867944368_2256605518003070499_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/12592544_10206719898868333_3140309093984170146_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/425012_2828033192196_184573562_n.jpg?ver=2

Is CSW a good dog for newbie?

In my opinion, yes. I used to be a newbie, Alena is newbie, Hal was newbie. Magda is a newbie and got herself a 13
months old female CSW.
Important thing to remember, dog mirrors his owner so aggressor will raise aggressive dog and so on.
And there is no other breed to prepare you for living with CSW. They are.. Unique.
Owner has to be responsible, consistent and with a gift of understanding for wolfdog shenanigans.

Trust me, CSW has really a talent for getting on nerves, there are moment when the owner is next to ready to return
them to the breeder and forget CSWs ever existed.
They are very intelligent, often even totally independently operating unit. He loves you so much, after coming home
there will be a hysterical theatrical scene and after that there will be moments, where he will not give a hell about
you and will do what he wants.
That can be corrected by the proper training. It´s a dog breed, not some hellhound.

But you will hear a lot of hoaxes. Like „they can´t be trained, they never learn, they are aggressive, they are cowardly,
they are mentally unstable, they are only for professionals, he will kill you, red riding hood “ and so on.

http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/522734_3429364305098_421143969_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img13.rajce.idnes.cz/d1302/12/12446/12446657_7d9800eb1ab413d483a647eec10a90b3/images/45NMtE.jpg?ver=2

Even I can be sometimes surprised what kind of nuclear beasts are roaming in my home
So: if you are clinging to properties, if you do want a 100% controllable dog or a dog who will consider you a god… nope.
CSW is not really for you.
If you are looking for a friend, companion for long winter nights o for walking through the woods… and are ready to adapt,
give me a word and come to get to know them. But remember. CSW is not just a dog or some trinket. It´s a way of life.
 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/IMG_9118.jpg?ver=2 http://img8.rajce.idnes.cz/d0803/9/9024/9024179_9c6fc25057faf821b3666a08734fb9c0/images/198769_478781568823263_1606603999_n.jpg?ver=2

Is CSW good for epileptic?

Yes, sure. One of „my“ owners is epileptic and there is no problem at all. On the contrary, the dog can sense the incoming fit.
But during the fit itself, there is a potential danger that dog will try to do his best to help the owner and cause another

Is CSW OK with children?

Properly socialised and raised CSW is 100% ok with kids. But it takes a lot of work and it is not some kind of stuffed toy.
As every other dog, CSW has to be supervised while being together with a kid and NEVER EVER be left with a kid alone.
It is also very important for the CSW to have only positive experience with kids.
As a puppy the CSWs are very keen to biting everything that gets near enough and they consider human child as another
puppy. And they will try to play with it, wolfdog way. Children are often afraid of them because of this and it requires a
lot of patience, but the results are worth it.
CSWs love „their“ children, they will guard them, protect them, play with them and be an incredible partner for life.

 http://img8.rajce.idnes.cz/d0803/9/9024/9024179_9c6fc25057faf821b3666a08734fb9c0/images/148407.jpg?ver=2 http://img9.rajce.idnes.cz/d0901/12/12286/12286803_f9355ac64fa11f2ffd7283b6e60ba1c1/images/DSC_0069.jpg?ver=0 

Cassiel Rose and Marco

Is it better male or female?

One of the most frequent question I am getting.
There is no clear answer. The biggest difference is their body. Dog can be 15kg heavier and 10 or more cm taller.
And that actually makes a difference in case of manipulation.

Both genders are going to be dominant against their own.
I have two females and I can compare with male dogs I am sometimes guarding at home. Females are fast to think, fast to
act and they have a urging need to sort something up. They are really spitfires eager to fight, and when they start, they are
going for the blood. And dividing two fighting females is sometimes very problematic and difficult task.
Males love their peace, their place and their full belly. They are significantly less eager to start a fight and before going
to a contact, they will take their time to act tough and present themselves as big and tough badasses. And they are not
fighting as zealously as the females so theoretically they should be easier to part. But they are usually much bigger and
much powerful than females so it counts a lot.
Females hit their puberty faster than males and they will state and try to enforce their opinions sooner. But that will end
with their first heat, which is subsequently a thing that owner has to take care of once (sometimes twice) a year. Females
can be in heat for a month and they can even move with their ovulation based on a dog they are with. This is kind of csw
mystery and it had took a heavy toll on their owners grey hair count.
Males take longer to reach puberty, but they are doing it much stealthier than females, so their owners are very often
pretty surprised.

Do CSW have desire for physical contact?
Well, every single CSW is different. Compared to stafbulls, they don´t like physical contact at all. It really depends on your
point of view.
But a lot of people is really dissapointed, they just got the cutest creature on this planet and it not interested in caressing at
Instead, it is very interested in creating bloody abstract pictures on its owner.
Yes, a little CSW puppy will rather run around and bite everything that moves instead of just lie down and act cute.
But of course there are individuals who love human contact from their first day.
My oldest, Arya, was not really into caressing as a young puppy. And she was giving a pretty strong hint by growling.
Sleeping in a bed? No way! But as she grew up, suddenly the bed was a very go and she was very eager for human contact.
Ciri loves both. Biting and caressing. But even she loves to sleep with me after all and loves a good portion of contact
and caressing, usually when I come back from work or before we go to sleep.
So, you never know what to expect but with the growing up the CSW will love human contact more and more.
But if you are looking for a living teddy bear, I am afraid the CSW will not pass.

 http://img20.rajce.idnes.cz/d2002/12/12265/12265387_9334d59f774416b2c401a6158c11aa4e/images/DSC_0622.jpg?ver=0 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12226/12226523_9a4103c05ebbef67c6c841ec99520cc1/images/10388080_863618310339585_8304515022521615063_n.jpg?ver=0 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/1012686_10203759262654278_3685936370951365790_n.jpg?ver=2

Do CSW require a garden, is he a guard dog or is he OK with living in flat?

CSW will be of course pleased by the opportunity to run, demolish and spread chaos on your garden but because this breed
is so dependant on their pack, the can and often will be happier in the flat.
Everyone has to find their perfect solution. I have the outside kennel, garden and the dogs live in my house as well.
What is important is to be mindful of the problems with separation and resulting destruction of properties.
I will always prefer to let my puppies go to the flat. I am not supportive of the attitude to leave dog outside with the illusion
that he is Ok there and he does´nt need our attention.
Totally not true. CSW needs you, he will be always happier with you and his favorite place will be next to you, whatever

http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12226/12226523_9a4103c05ebbef67c6c841ec99520cc1/images/DSC_0197.jpg?ver=0 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12226/12226523_9a4103c05ebbef67c6c841ec99520cc1/images/DSC_0038.jpg?ver=0 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/31354_1350147045966_5109480_n.jpg?ver=2

wolfdog on the garden

Can be CSW trained?

Yes, but he will never be performing with the enthusiasm of GSD or belgian shepherd.
He will never be good in agility like the border collie
He will never be so calm and problemless like the golden retriever
You can´ train CSW with classic drill. You have to use patience and a lot of time. CSW works on the positive motivation -
treats, intonation and body language. So the road can be pretty bumpy.
But, after all, you can basically do whatever you like, CSW is versatile enough to go for anything, but you have to have a
lot of humor.
There are CSWs trained in classic cynology, agility, positive motivation, coursing, mantrailing, schutzhund...
there are even search and rescue CSWs. Do whatever you like, some tips are here - CSW and possible activities.

http://dl.wolfdog.org/g/16/169747.jpg  http://img19.rajce.idnes.cz/d1903/3/3512/3512069_b024f69434698d148995d65e05823915/images/DSC_8283.jpg?ver=0

When to start going out to training grounds?

ASAP, really. After third inoculations you will be permitted to enter the training grounds so start immediately afterwards.
Train the obedience at home from the first days, pathfinding is also easy to train once you start to get along. Schutzhund
training is also possible, but be careful and watch for their teeth.
Take your time while choosing the training grounds, your dog has to have only positive experience from there. If you feel
it is not good enough, go somewhere else, your dog is worth it for sure.


How much of physical activites does CSW need?

Well, he will need as much physical activity as you will learn him. But they love to run along and tired CSW is well behaving
If you are active person, who has a lot of free time and is spending it with your dog, CSW will learn this and will expect it
for the future.
If you are working during weekdays and you are making trips in the weekends, CSW will also learn to be OK with that.
But they love to run… together with other dogs, next to horse, bike. Even skates. But be mindful of one thing. No matter
how hard you try, you will never tire CSW more than yourself. For properly tired CSW there is necessary also a psychical
activity - training, trips to interesting places, meeting other dogs and so on.

Does CSW hunt?

Yes. Usually yes. More here - CSW puppy and you http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/644751_10200287436860803_1359588896_n.jpg?ver=2

Csw and other animals?

There is a lot of CSWs living peacefully with other animals. Rabbits, rats, snakes or livestock.
As usual, most important is to learn the dog from the moment he comes to your home. Tech him to meet other animals
without hurting them, but be very watchful. In the case of CSW, be watchful on the borderline with being paranoid.
Sometimes even over the line. Never leave them alone.
CSW is a big dog and he actually doesn´t know how powerful he is. He could accidentally kill your other pet. Or try to
chase him to death… after all, whatever runs away is a prey, that´s their instinct.
http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/eshlykralik.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/10341632_10203054723961251_6062589471705290323_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/DSC_0015.jpg?ver=2 http://img21.rajce.idnes.cz/d2102/6/6820/6820211_b695fe1182e56522b2607f40dc98d95c/images/DSC_0139.jpg?ver=2

DArya and rat

Darya and rats

CSW and cat?

Why not, I have a lot of CSWs living together with a cat.
But, it takes time and effort. From both sides.
At home CSW and cat can be a perfect friends but outside he has no problem to chase the same cat all around and to kill
an outside cat.
Cat has to have an escape route to safety at the ready at all times. To go somewhere safe, where CSW can´t follow.
And both sides have to be controlled, because CSW is strong and can easily cause an injury. But cat claws can do that as well.

wolfdog and cat

http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/1917969_103359866341571_234921_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/10355021_887228997954650_8989865387991619860_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/12063475_10206109185000868_4718147159753368928_n.jpg?ver=2http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/12512324_10208496791356085_2423585467018737576_n.jpg?ver=2

CSW and small dog?

A lot of people would like to add a CSW to their small dog, or a small dog to their CSW. Well, CSW is not some serial murderer
or hellhound on a loose, but again, it takes tome to get them to know each other and it is necessary to be on high alert,
because like before, CSW is strong and easily cause an injury.

wolfdog and small dog

wolfdog and small dog


Do CSW have tendency to run out of property?

Not every CSW has tendency to run away, but if he has, they are fast, agile and very, VERY smart. Your fence has to be high,
sturdy enough and has to be extended even under terrain to prevent digging under. Your kennel has to be perfect. Really.
Without flaws. Because where a head fits, the whole CSW follows. The concrete floor is also necessary. They are good
climbers, ther excel in making small holes bigger and they will chew through wooden plank like the buzzsaw, once they will
find some part sticking out enabling them to unleash the destruction.
I prefer simple bars from mesh wire, because mesh wire can damage their teeth. And of course, paranoia is a need.
First picture is not very well suited for CSW, there is a gap below the roof. Second kennel should be CSW-proof
This video speaks for itself

http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/12633403_10207346940385995_1853643470_o.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/kotec.jpg?ver=2 http://img24.rajce.idnes.cz/d2403/13/13079/13079198_1dc734c50e5b51a041ca3b3e5750cca2/images/kotec.jpg?ver=0


How to care about the fur?

CSW fur doesn´t need any special care. It is self cleaning so even if he runs through mud, after few minutes he
will be dry and mud will fall off.
During shedding it is necessary to groom your dog regularly. Furminator works very well or metal brush for dogs.


How often needs CSW to take a bath?

It is good to learn the dogs to take bath. At least the paws. You will spare yourself a lot of trouble, as I learned the hard
way when I caused a little flashflood for my neighbours.
You will appreciate that your CSW is fine with taking bath once they will roll themselves in any kind of mess, which they
do with extreme pleasure.
Forget some good smelling shampoo, it won´t work at all. The best solution is water with vinegar.
Your dog will smell after vinegar for some time but much better than eau de rotting fish or worse.
It is also good to take bath 2-3 days before dog show, especially white places. There it is a good place to use the special
shampoo for white dogs.
Otherwise there is no need to force your dog to take a bath.


What leash and collar should be used?

Everybody prefers something else. I suggest using well made leather collar with metal parts or collars made of fabric.
They are not damaging the fur.
And leash? I use those, where it is possible to switch how long they are. At longest they are cca 180cm long.
And 20cm leash hanging on the collar, useful for catching and holding the dog.
There are chain collars and non-switchable leashes as well, many styles and many other materiels.

Is there a CSW-proof toy?

No, I do not know any such toy.
If you CSW is especially keen to destroying things, they will take care of anything.
I like to use tennis balls and fabric toys. Stuffed toys or animals can be nice but their lifespan counts in minutes.
http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/12509742_10206719899388346_350632495600013181_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img21.rajce.idnes.cz/d2102/12/12311/12311133_5cbc9d679b2a35e96d14a090239228ee/images/DSC_0090.jpg?ver=0 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/10846083_10204035692804859_246575896546243060_n.jpg?ver=2
Sticks are good too. But the top are bones. Really, there is no point in buying extreme costly toys, your CSW will not
like them more because of their price.

http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12226/12226523_9a4103c05ebbef67c6c841ec99520cc1/images/DSC_0691.jpg?ver=0 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/12391337_10206522866022635_2178508818142974646_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/10686739_10203940647708791_1630179468027704005_n.jpg?ver=2

How much does the puppy cost?

Puppies costs around 1300 EUR, exact price depends on costs the breeder has - mating fee, inoculations, pedigree, food.
There are things we are giving with the puppies - toys, leashes, collars, books, genetic testings. It looks small but really,
the prices will add and scale to very high numbers.

Is breeding a profitable operation?

To be honest, no breeder wants to lose money, ideal situation is to have at least something for him or her.
But it is necessary to remember, costs of proper raising of the litter are there and they are not small at all.
The time we will spend with our puppies can be hardly translated to the language of money. And we spend a lot of time
with our little ones.
There is a lot of visitors, a lot of people are coming in their free time to spend it with the puppies, to socialise them properly.
But, for the exchange, you can be damn sure we are here 24/7 for you and your CSW puppy. Not just me, the breeder, but
any of our friends.

We follow the law. It states that the puppy shall not be taken away before 50th day of his or her life.
If some breeder tells you that it is OK to take the puppy away sooner, it is not right and it is against laws of the Czech Republic

In 2016 there was a case, when a breeder gave away puppies sooner and he was reported to breeders club.
I heard the lies it was me who made the report. That´s not true at all.
Unfortunately, most of the CSW breeders had problem with the fact one of them was reported. With the breaking of our
law they were very much OK.