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Living with czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy

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So, winter has come and brought a puppy season to us. At this moment, most of the summer puppies have already found their new home and unfortunately, some of them will be returned back to their breeders because CSW puppy can be and usually really is very different from other breed puppies. It is right in this moment when a lot of new owners will tell all around that in fact it is a little wolf in their house, not just a dog. But worry not, time and age will set everything back to pretty much normal. But it is a job of a responsible owner to learn all the specifics of his desired dog breed. So we are going to put down some basic things about young puppies to explain you how to live with your csw puppy.

Simple basic - socialisation. That's alfa and omega of everything. Puppy must meet in his or hers new house as much new things as possible. Walking on leash, walking free, come command, meeting other dogs, meeting people, get used to bath, taking public transportation, driving in a car. Meeting other species. And of course, everything we want puppy to know in adulthood regarding our hobbies - horses, sword fencing and so on.

So what are the most used excuses for returnig the puppy?

Considering home a good place to urinate or defecate
Our little puppy reminds more a little pig, we just spent half a day outside and once we get back to home, boom, small puddle appears. 
No, you puppy is not a little pig. In this young age the CSW puppy obeys his wolf instincts. And they command him to never urinate or defecate outside of their little territory to ease the tanger of being tracked down. They can try to eat their excretions as well. It has to be strongly forbidden but the reason for such doing is the same - to erase their tracks.
What can we do with this? It is necessary no matter what to take puppy outside immediately after he wakes up, finishes his dish or when you finish playing games with him.
For every successful dog walk, it is necessary to praise the puppy. No need for overreacting, but the puppy has to know he did something very good and this is the proper way of managing the things. And yes, in similar way it's necessary to let the puppy know otherwise if he uses home as his toilet. Patience is the key. It can take few months. But it will be all OK.

Home alone
Learning to be home alone is one of the most time consuming and challenging things you are going to face. CSW is very social breed, he is very dependant on his pack - and by pack I mean you. What you got is a 7 week old puppy ho spent his entire life in a company of his siblings and mother. If you have responsible breeder, he spent several hours a day with other people too. And suddenly, he comes to a new home, fixates on you as a new pack… and now you are gone too.
A young puppy understands this as betrayal. He will cry, he will bark, he will howl. And because of a frustration, he can start to destroy.
So how to learn a young puppy to be home alone? I would recommend to take him and introduce him to your neighbors. Explain what is happening and apology for any problems caused. Of course, those of us with their own home have this part considerably easier.
One way or another, teach puppy to be home alone from the very moment he arrives.
At first it is necessary to teach your puppy to be alone even if his owner is at home. It is necessary that he doesn't know if his owner is really away or just in the next room behind closed door.
The idela way is to tire your puppy outside (psychically) and then decide a quiet place at home for him to rest. Inside a dog crate, outside a dog pen. A bone or some toy to chew will help a lot.
If it is possible, its best to take one or two week holiday but not to set some kind of stereotype. Leave your puppy alone several times a day, in different time for different durations. Inside you can leave radio or TV on optionally.
If there is some kind of reaction on the sound of opened or closed door, repeat it after a while so the dog will not connect those sound with your leaving. Important is to leave quietly and do not greet the dog once you return.

                                               http://img17.rajce.idnes.cz/d1703/3/3084/3084600_fcbb85b8c90f2a5ff52574f1f5d1b6bb/images/IMG_5753.JPG?ver=0  http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/IMG_2872.jpg?ver=2

A little destroyer
Yes, this usually comes with csw as a bundle. Not every CSW has to be a destroyer but I dare to say that most of them will destroy something, sooner or later. A camera, bookcase, floor, electric cables, doors (even armored) and so on and so on. Keep an eye on them… once bored the csw knows no limits of imagination or physics in his quest to destroy something. Let's not sugarcoat it - whatever you extremely desire NOT to be destroyed, it is better to hide it very well and very high. I use solid and roomy cage to accommodate dogs while I am not home, to protect them and my property. More photos Here

                         http://img12.rajce.idnes.cz/d1203/12/12378/12378184_fd3824d82090800483ebff401ff1bc99/images/1723086_389860857847228_3419808310820722481_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img12.rajce.idnes.cz/d1203/12/12378/12378184_fd3824d82090800483ebff401ff1bc99/images/12301529_537654906401155_556866091583598406_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img12.rajce.idnes.cz/d1203/12/12378/12378184_fd3824d82090800483ebff401ff1bc99/images/1609836_471434173023229_832676582833283117_n.jpg?ver=2

Cassiel Rose

Chatty puppy
Our little puppy is a big talker and portfolio of sounds he can produce seems to have no limits.
CSW is cross between GSD and carpathian wolf and sometimes it is called as nom-barking breed. But it is not necessary true, especially regarding the puppies. It is pretty common for the puppy to cry for his mother and siblings once separated. It will fade away, do not comfort the puppy. Play with him and turn his attention elsewhere instead. Go outside, play, give him something interesting to gnaw on.
But it is pretty much possible that your puppy will continue to express his opinions about everything, beyond the point of crying for his mother. No, he is not sick, he is not in pain. I know that, i have two similar dogs at my place. He is really just a big talker. 
In that case, there can be command Silence! And once the puppy keeps quiet for a while afterwards, there comes a big appraisal and tasty treat.

                                                         http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/IMG_2874.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/IMG_2906.jpg?ver=2 

CSWs are really experts in howling. They sing with incredible enthusiasm and power. And they howl to sound of  sirens, firefighter cars, because they are sad, because they are happy or because why the hell not.

                                                               http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12226/12226523_9a4103c05ebbef67c6c841ec99520cc1/images/DSC_0409.jpg?ver=0 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/IMG_2846.jpg?ver=2


If there is any field in which CSW puppies really excels, its biting their owners and basically everything that crosses their path. And yes, the do it with full force, that was really no hoax.

 The most important thing to remember. Such biting is not sign of any aggression!!! This is how CSW puppies do behave, all of them!!!!!
First thing puppy does after waking up is to go greet you and wish you good morning. Of course he is happy beyond imagination and he will try to catch something. Usually you. Unfortunately their milk-teeth are sharp like razor blades and even if he actually uses almost no force, the blood will be spilled. This is very uncomfortable part of living with CSW and there is no way around so everybody who decides to get one has to make peace with fact, that in 14 days his image will be the one of masochist or junkie who can't score on his veins.
So what about this? Biting into human has to be strictly forbidden. Without any exception. The best way is to carry around some small toy and give it to your puppy before he even tries to bite you or your clothes. If he manages to bite, grab his upper jaw, tell him one hell of a NO with the tone allowing no protests at all and remove the puppy from you or your clothing. You can use your mighty NO several times, CSWs do understand you very well. By the other hand you can catch the loose skin on his neck and simulate a small bite by a gentle pull.
A lot of people return their CSWs because of so called  ''aggression against kids'' - this evil wolf injured our poor little Tommy. Well, yes small injury can happen. That evil wolf is a child too, after all. A human child is for him nothing else than other puppy. And he will want to play with him in wolfish way. Unfortunately, human child is biologically unable to go through uncontrolled wolf play without scratches and bites.
Now this is entirely your responsibility. You raise your puppy, you have to set the strict rules. You have to teach both CSW and human child to behave, to coexist. And it will take time. 
But this is how CSWs work, if you are afraid of every little scratch on you or your kid, CSW most certainly is not the way to go.

           http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1603/10/10915/10915694_77ebfcab126de82d231446a7a5ac5102/images/DSC_0340.jpg?ver=2   http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1602/11/11993/11993908_611aafedee2158720fe6ef1d0b07c842/images/DSC_0106.jpg?ver=2 http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1602/11/11993/11993908_611aafedee2158720fe6ef1d0b07c842/images/DSC_0113.jpg?ver=2 http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/12376391_10206719899588351_6027784314241263701_n.jpg?ver=2

So your CSW puppy had sent few weeks with you and suddenly he starts to growl at you. During eating or when he sleeps and you want to pet him. Before we go any further - NEVER EVER TRY TO DEAL WITH THIS WITH YOUR AGGRESSION!! NEVER!! EVER!!! Understand, your puppy has wolf in his blood, somewhere around 8 generations back. Every wolf spends his time growing up in fights. With his siblings, with older puppies, with younger puppies. All he tries to do is establish his place in pack and if possible to climb higher. So its pretty much possible your CSW will test you his entire childhood

The video is our offspring. Which tries to the owner if he could not somehow get out of manipulation. Proper conduct his owner is in maintaining peace and balance.


6 months Fiery and handling during combing out. Here mister acted correctly when an attempt to growl and taxes it clear that she does not like her just calm snapped and went on on the activity. Fiery immediately calmed down and was quiet. Never aggression do not respond to aggression

Video YouTube

So how to solve this puzzle? Easy way. No press, no stress, no aggression from your side. Does your puppy growl whole feeding? He is afraid of you taking away his food! Pick the bowl, sit next to the puppy, talk to him and feed him from your hand. Or put the bowl next to you and add more food so your puppy can see that. And keep talking. Your puppy will soon know that you are not food thief but you are actually the one who gives. So there is no need to be afraid, right?
Bones are somehow more difficult. They take longer time to chew and puppies have bigger tendency to guard them. So keep going around your dog. Talk to him, pet him, give him treats or change the bone for something like piece of chicken and then return it. All the time easy way.
Growling of sleeping puppy or during any kind of manipulation - well there you have to keep going and keep doing what you did. Again, easy, keep talking, try to calm your dog.
All it takes is to often repeat all those things and do it without anger.


raking  - One of the greatest pastimes CSV raking. They are able to make the garden a moonscape.
They love burying blocks any terrain.


Come! Command
This command is the alpha and omega of all your coexistence with CSW.
It is really necessary to start learning this from the moment you got your little puppy.
You have really to play a clown, be interesting, change voice tones, do crazy mimics and so on. Be prepared for situation where you will be running opposite direction of the one of your puppy and still you will have to keep your head 100% calm because once you lose your temper, the CSW will not voluntarily come back. Your pockets has to be filled with treats. Train your patience, you will hide yourself behind trees or in a ditch and wait for your puppy to realise he lost you and to start to panicking and trying to find you.
You can use very long leash (up to 20m) to ensure the puppy won't run very far.
The deciding factors are frequent repeating, positive motivation and perfect consistency.
But one thing, even if your CSW will have 100% come command in his 12 months, once he hits the puberty, he can (and will) develop selective deafness, usually especially on this command. Only remedy is to keep training no matter what. He knows what you want. He knows it very well and he tries to move the boundaries, to push you a little here, little there. You have to stay cool, calm and confident.
And one thing, this is CSW, not GSD. You just can't expect him coming to you totally happy. He will come. That's all. And never ever try to punish your dog while dong come command. Only exception is when he disobeys and you manage to catch him. Now you can punish him with your voice, move few meters back and repeat the command. And of course, reward our dog once he does it right, even if you were boiling red from anger few seconds ago.

   http://img19.rajce.idnes.cz/d1902/6/6911/6911989_a12d2773b15f072f66cbf94c911b538c/images/202432_314763755285797_1298371584_o.jpg?ver=2 http://img19.rajce.idnes.cz/d1903/6/6252/6252165_5876e640cc838e605a3f76bee9a34a78/images/DSC06359.jpg?ver=0 http://img9.rajce.idnes.cz/d0901/7/7166/7166296_7f3c6a52a840fb4e7f3093bdbcf7fefd/images/DSC_0990.jpg?ver=2 http://img20.rajce.idnes.cz/d2002/7/7794/7794226_bf686459c1a996ad8ffaad892676365d/images/11632_397216067040565_1842929698_n.jpg?ver=2                

Hunting instinct, our eternal companion and enemy. Most of the CSWs have their one very strong and it has to be worked with from the very young age. One missed opportunity, one slight mistake and you just earned yourself a few years full of fun. 
I will not lie to you. Not even my dogs can be considered 100% in this matter
Well, if we are not keeping our eyes on the dogs and are not fast enough to emit mighty tiger like roar NO or STAY, all we will see is a grey ass happily sinking into nearest bush.
Usually the dogs return after few moments but we all know this is definitely not how it should be so it's a long track run, really.
Hunting is bad and dangerous. CSW can kill a deer within few seconds, rabbit is just piece of cake. And you risk your dog to be shot by some trigger happy idiot. Trust me, i got a few grey hairs solving such adventures of mz CSWs…
        http://img15.rajce.idnes.cz/d1502/12/12377/12377757_fb05b2c68bbfd80b91eab98fb5991723/images/580886_3885820636221_1765644478_n.jpg?ver=2 http://img21.rajce.idnes.cz/d2102/12/12482/12482788_483ba58a79ada4205417ff08096702fa/images/13501732_10209104658280904_2908441312778961529_n.jpg?ver=2
So what can we do? Train your come command. Train, train and train. But unfortunately, dog who obeys in park is not assured to obey once he faces a pack of deer. You have to be one step ahead and stop your dog BEFORE he realises there is some kind of prey and before he decides to give a chase. Easy to say, harder to do.
So again use your long leash you used while come command training! If possible, visit places where dog can go face to face with forest animals to teach him he is no way going to hunt them. And again, use a lot of treats, be happy and praise your dog if he gives up his tally ho!

Pack hierarchy

I want to tell you this one thing - you can work with your dog being too badass. I do not recommend to leave it this way because ''it's natural you know''
CSV is not special in this matter, he has to be trained to act like any other dog.
People are very often confused and they mix pack hierarchy behaviour with aggression or aggressivity. This is another trait inherited from their wolf ancestors. Usually it surfaces between one and two years of age (usually). There can be some calm and easygoing individuals between CSWs but their number is significantly lower than the number of those who want to lead their pack.
So, some people consider our breed to be aggressive. And yes, if you know nothing about them, it can look this way.
CSW has wide variety of expressions to communicate, his body language is second to none. Their instincts commands them to try to climb their social ladder, from their youngest age. Unfortunately, most of other breeds can't read their mimics or their body language and if the other dog won't submit and CSW will make his mind to subjugate this one, he will try to roll the other dog on his back and as a result usually there is a fight. But more often they don't care about other breeds and their main interest are other CSWs.
There are no problems with communication, there is higher chance for two dog with equal might to meet. But one of the biggest pros is their tendency to see and understand the age differences. Younger dog usually submits and old aces have no interest in taking care of some reckless young hotshot.
                    http://img20.rajce.idnes.cz/d2002/11/11411/11411306_8bd64daa58a0c999eca2a6c1d2b43da6/images/IMG_8668.jpg?ver=2 http://img9.rajce.idnes.cz/d0901/12/12286/12286803_f9355ac64fa11f2ffd7283b6e60ba1c1/images/DSC_0422.jpg?ver=0 http://img9.rajce.idnes.cz/d0901/12/12286/12286803_f9355ac64fa11f2ffd7283b6e60ba1c1/images/DSC_0030.jpg?ver=0

So what to do? Honestly, we do not know. If there is any guide to turn your CSW into good and tolerant doggie, we don't have it.
What can help to prevent injuries is a well fitting muzzle, a lot of patience, being nonstop on guard and meeting other dogs only when supervised. And keeping in touch with other CSW owners to train your dog.
Still it is pretty much possible for your dog to score some slashes or bites, so it is very handy to have a first aid kit at the ready.

http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1603/10/10915/10915694_77ebfcab126de82d231446a7a5ac5102/images/DSC_0328.jpg?ver=2  http://img20.rajce.idnes.cz/d2001/9/9194/9194814_ea4d5aef2f31f2e2058e46e1757f7bd2/images/DSC_0887.jpg?ver=2 http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1603/9/9854/9854897_59e6b2bf87050702d0f24ba314db304d/images/DSC_0493.jpg?ver=2 http://img16.rajce.idnes.cz/d1602/11/11395/11395781_3a6f46b5f0274121b7794255378ab03f/images/11327838_958928524147585_517948917_o.jpg?ver=2